Tip Top Tips For Your Erosion Control Needs

According to a study made by Cornell University, soil is being washed away and eroded ten to forty times faster than it is being replaced. At this rate, in 40 years’ time there will be no soil left to erect buildings, houses and other establishments on. This problem is not only a problem in Australia but is also prevalent in most developed countries. It is primarily caused by constant and relentless deforestation, wrong planning, excessive quarrying and mining. Although planting trees again is the absolute and permanent solution, it requires at least 20 years for most trees to grow again. Luckily, there are other ways where you can have a good erosion control scheme to ensure the longevity of your erected structures.

erosion control

Planting shrubs and weeds

Weeds and shrubs grow faster than trees. Some grass species such as bamboos can grow at a very fast rate that after a year, they are taller than most trees. This makes these plant species good for erosion control schemes. However, there is a con to this. Weeds and shrubs can sometimes grow uncontrollably, making them parasitic at times. They grow so fast that they steal most nutrients from the plants that are used in commercial production and for food consumption. For example, in most farmlands shrubs and the likes, they consume the water and the nutrients that are supposedly intended for vegetables.

Contour cultivation

Although this method is not applicable to most farm land types, contour cultivation or contour plowing is a very good option for your erosion control need. It is defined as the farming practice that plows through the contour of the land. Instead of a straight farm land, it is an uneven surface which avoids water from flowing easily. Because of this, the water is absorbed by the land helping you save money on irrigation. This farming method is a little hard and requires the right equipment for you to achieve it.

Despite that being said, there are machine lending and tree hire companies such as State Plant Hire that will help you with those needs.


A gabion is a huge cage usually made out of cyclone wires formed into a rectangular box. This box is filled with rocks which basically serves as a wall. Gabion construction is a good way of maintaining soil and slit. This way, you are letting water pass through but retaining the soil. Gabions are also cost effective. Compared to building walls, gabions are a lot easier to make and require less effort and money.

Some gabions need to be really big especially when they are around cliffs that they oftentimes require heavy equipment to fill them with heavy rocks. A good bobcat hire Melbourne has would be able to provide you with payloaders, cultivators, jack hammers and other heavy equipment required to get the work done.

A good tip of truck or dump truck is also required as well if you wish to build a formidable gabion. A tip truck hire Melbourne has should be able to provide you with trucks that are big enough to handle the load.