The importance of getting your printer serviced

When it comes to giving more life to your printer, having the device serviced is your best bet. You might know of someone able to do this but the better option is working with a HP Printer Service Centre Sydney by GOM. Doing so ensures the task is handled by professionals. Outlined below are the various undertakings that get done so as to ensure you steer clear from the malfunctioning of your printer.


Your laser printer is bound to accumulate dust plus other contaminants from the surroundings and paper used. Inkjet print heads as well get dusty thus interfering with appropriate ink emission on the printing paper. Consulting someone like Global Office Machine HP printer service centre Sydney has today is necessary because regular use causes rollers to become soiled. Other factors leading to the same are straying of ink inside the machine and using loose cartridges. Jamming and inappropriate feeding have potential to introduce fragments of printing paper to the operating mechanism. In addition to output quality being greatly compromised, operating issues or even failure to operate may result if proper cleaning isn’t done by a professional.


Routine maintenance at a GOM HP Printer Service Centre Sydney involves lubrication of all moving parts in your printer. This is more so important if you have a networked printer because it is regularly exposed to heat, continued use as well as byproducts of consumable and supplies. All these factors coupled together lead to the squeaking, inappropriate functioning and even device breakdown all of which can be prevented through proper maintenance. A professional technician is thus able to figure out the parts to oil and areas not to touch.

Appropriate driver installation for your software

A printer will only operate optimally if its software is running optimally. Periodic checks at HP printer service centre Sydney by GOM will ensure software is updated and appropriate printer drivers are installed. Lack of doing this can lead to software lagging behind your up-to-date operating system, thus resulting in compatibility issues. Browsing through the manufacturer’s web page for maintenance tips and bug fixes aids in ensuring that your printer never experiences malfunctioning associated with incorrect drivers. In a nutshell, problems such as error messages, failure to print, mangled outputs and wasted supplies all become a thing of the past. Check out Gom

Performing self tests

The HP printer service centre Sydney by GOM will perform a self test. This is done by pressing appropriate control panel keys in order to access valuable information regarding the printing quality of your device. Majority of printers contain both long and short life components of which some dictate the operational life of a printer due to their in-built limitation. Because self tests display vital information such as the total pages a device has printed, technicians are able to get a clear picture of your device’s life cycle. This ensures you have an idea on when your printer is due for maintenance.

Should you be wondering how to get your printer serviced, no need to worry. All you need to do is check out