Furniture to create an elegant decor

The cheap series 7 chair, also known in the more descriptive name of the butterfly chair, was designed long back in 1955 by the eminent legendary craftsman Anne Jacobsen for a person named Fritz Hansen, who made it to world acclaim. Its popularity began to grow from then onwards, and it had been appealing to people of all generations since then. The main attraction of the 3107 chair is the simplicity and flexibility of its design. It is generally constructed from a single piece of metal or plywood that is moulded and bent to achieve extreme comfort, and it is made to stand on straight and functional mirror chrome legs.

This chair is very simple, yet its elegant design got worldwide acclaim and became canonical after the publication of Lewis Morley’s naked and provocative picture of sitting across this chair.

Features and purposes:

cheap series 7 chairFrom that original conception of cheap series 7 chair, today it has significantly extended its patterns and designs and includes almost all colours imaginable. Today even there are leather series of these chairs available. Not only are these chairs very light in weight and easy to handle, but are also stackable providing an easy solution to families living in tiny apartments or flats where these chairs can make a style statement in their own right. Though designed as early as 1955, these chairs have a very comfortable feel and are extremely versatile to be used.

Besides being used for residential purposes, this cheap series 7 chair is widely used in cafes, conservatories, restaurants and places offering formal dining. It has also been a preferred choice to be kept in waiting rooms, changing rooms, adverts, board rooms, etc.

Other exotic furnishings:

You may next have a look at the stylish tolix stool in Silver sale, which is a heightened chair designed precisely for the bar counters and today these are considered as indispensible pieces of furniture at any bar. A reputed furniture store offers a countless number of options, and you could choose from a tolix stool or a series 7 chairs sale to create a perfect decor at your place. If you regard yourself as a connoisseur of exotic furniture sets, then you should look for well known stores selling high quality pieces of furniture- each of which should be loaded with comfort and cosiness and must come at an affordable price. There are some stores that offer a great variety of chairs, tables and other furniture items in unique designs such as the Vintage Barcelona chair sale, which are fabulously crafted chairs designed to make any decor different from others. These chairs have an ability to make even a white coloured dull room to appear gay and chic.

This chair was originally designed for the royalty of Spain in 1920s by Ludwig Rohe. It is always best to choose a high grade of these chairs which should be made of sturdy wood with legs made of solid tubular steel and finest quality of leather to cover the seats. These vintage chairs are really worth every penny and can make your entire room dashing and elegant.