5 Reasons You Should Consider Artificial Turf For Your Home

Every homeowner desires lush green grass for their home, be it on the front lawn or the back garden. In this regard, there are two options to achieve this neat, landscaped look in your home. One, you can plant natural grass. Alternatively, you can opt for artificial turf from suppliers such as Artificial Turf Green print Synthetic. Both types of grass may look the same but that is where the similarities come to an end. The latter (artificial turf), has lots of advantages over its competitor. These are:

1. It looks just like the real thing

Despite it being made from synthetic fibers, artificial turf looks just like the real thing. In fact, it’s quite difficult for a non-professional to determine if a lawn has natural or synthetic grass just by looking at it from afar. One has to get really close to the grass and feel its texture just to differentiate the two. If you are contemplating buying artificial turf, therefore, one advantage you can look forward to is that no one will know that your lawn is laden with artificial grass.

2. It requires very little maintenance

Natural grass requires a lot of maintenance as far as upkeep is considered. Right from the moment you buy it, you have to prepare the site, water it, and apply fertilizer. Once the grass takes root, you have to regularly mow it, prune it, water it and apply fertilizer. With artificial turf, your maintenance requirements are much less. For starters, the ground requires very little preparation. After laying, artificial grass does not require irrigation, fertilizer or mowing. In fact, you can say that artificial turf is maintenance-free.

3. It’s more friendly to the environment

Artificial grass is also more environmentally-friendly. Its use does not compromise natural resources around you. This is mostly brought about by its little maintenance needs. For one, artificial turf does not need watering. It, therefore, saves you your limited water supply at home, not to mention the electric power that would otherwise have been used to water your grass. Second, artificial grass does not need mowing so you save even more power by not using leaf blowers and mowers, all which consume electricity and pollute the air at the same time.

4. Works well under any weather

Artificial Turf Green Print Synthetic also has the perk of not being affected by the weather. With natural grass, you have to choose breeds that adapt well with your climate, be it plenty of sun, plenty of rain or even plenty of shade. Fortunately, artificial grass will prosper and remain green all year round despite what weather you’re having.

5. Can be used indoors

Because Artificial Turf Green Print Synthetic requires little maintenance and does not need to be fertilized, watered or cut short, it can be used indoors as well as outdoors, Indeed, indoor application of artificial turf is a contemporary trend in home designs today. It can be used in playrooms, rooftops, attics, or as an alternative to carpets.